Dear European Men: You Are Pathetic Pussies

In Europe, the few remaining men who are not actually gay, act like they are.  

Immigrants are behaving like the Kennedys on Spring Break, and women are getting worried…

The gender-bending Europeans are finally getting their comeuppance.  

They are having their asses kicked and their women fondled by normal red-blooded Syrians and Libyans whom they were stupid enough to bomb into total social collapse.  

Thranholm: Feminine EU men unable to defend their women from healthy virility of Middle Eastern cultures

Yes, that would be you Cameron, Hollande, Sarkozy, and Merkel.

Their response has been to cover up the facts, or hand out instructional cartoons to immigrants explaining to them that one shouldn’t grope the womenfolk, which most likely simply convinced the immigrants that they can grope all they want because only a wuss would think of something so stupid.

via The Saker:

I don’t know if Iben Thranholm gets as much hate mail as I do (though I suspect that she probably does), but I will say that I totally agree with her: the modern European culture has “de-masculinized” European men no less than it has de-feminized European women. 

It is good to see somebody, especially two thoughtful women like Naouai and Thranholm, having the courage to speak the truth and not be terrorized by the “you are blaming the victim” mob. 

Of course, neither Naouai nor Thranholm are excusing the thugs who are how regularly assaulting women all over Europe, but they are explaining, at least in part, why such mass assaults are possible in the first place (the mindset of these thugs) and why so many men (cops or civilians) just stood by or looked away.

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